So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Ad astra per aspera



San Diego

Hello world.


Blue Sky in Autumn

The sky is a ridiculous color of blue today. It is insultingly, offensively vivid and clear.

Pizza: the Eating of It

Apparently, there are many unexpected ways of eating pizza. The Sicilian method requires several unexplored requirements. Many have speculated the symbolic reasoning behind such traditions; however, there has been no conclusive evidence as to why the Sicilians are so rigid or why scientists were investigating these habits in the first place.


A lone star or planet sparkles through the thin atmosphere as the sky fades to blues and grays.

19 Hours – Alternate Ending

Suddenly, I stumble and trip over something. I hold my breath as I inspect the gory mass of hair and tissue. Oh God. I think it was a human: there’s a long knife underneath the remains of a hand. Where’s the rest of the arm? Using the sleeve of my jacket, I grab the knife and sprint, leaving the rotting soul behind.

19 Hours

Only the emergency station is on as I run through the streets of New Australia. I guess the generators haven’t run out yet. The rest of the city is quiet and abandoned, stinking with the foul reek of death and disuse. Steam rises up from the cracks in the debris-cluttered roads, giving the already eerie city a supernatural aura.


Andrew Sanders jerked awake. What had woke him? Ah! There it is again! That insistent tapping. Now it had turned to hammering. He turned to see if Leigha had woken up, but she was still dreaming peacefully. He got up to look around, contemplating going upstairs to tell his neighbors to shut the hell up. He opened his door to run up the carpeted stairwell when he looked up. The stairs went nowhere.

The Incident

Everyone here calls it the Incident even though no one’s sure how it started. At first we all thought Old Mag and his wife were breeding them as a hobby, but soon there were too many to have come from their four goats. They just started appearing anywhere there was a bit of grass, nibbling away. They were all different kinds too. Black ears, white tails, brown spots, some even had an extra leg.

First blog post

At this time in my life, as I seek to push myself beyond the boundaries that are set before me, I require a place to organize and polish my thoughts. That is the purpose of this blog.

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