Hey Sports Fans,

Scrubs said that (“Sports fans”) would get your attention. So, assuming it worked, here’s what’s on my mind tonight:

I began the day as stressed as usual. The day continued along its stressful course, blossoming into a truly awful day after a meeting with my graduate school adviser.

Finally, after a day that bounced between full-blown panic and not giving a single fucking shit, I started drinking gin. At 2:25pm. This made my day decidedly better.

It would have continued along this course if I weren’t falling for a friend of mine who is engaged. I am truly an idiot. And I’d like to elucidate that by “falling” I mean, “already fallen.” Idiot.

In the end, I find that this Pogo song (surprise!) expresses my current conglomeration of emotions well. Enjoy.

PS: I’d like to note that I’m not a complete savage. I drink my gin with tonic.

PSS: Please offer advice on how to not be so pathetic.

PSSS: Please ignore any errors. I’m drunk