Hello world.

This morning is glorious. From my hotel balcony on the eleventh floor, I am watching planes take flight over a strip of boat-filled water with the sky lightening behind them.  It is altogether surreal.

Sometimes, when I am out of place, I also feel out of time. The busy, humdrum daily life of those around me continues, and I stay still and silent. The cars are rushing to their destinations, the water is glittering in the light of the dawn, the seagulls are swooping and calling. In the distance, someone is building. Their hammering, slow and steady, rings in the day. And all the while, giant metal birds take gracefully to the sky with a triumphant roar.

I can see their colorful fins taxi through the airport as they line up to await their turn. They should be slow and lumbering due to their size and bulk, yet they take to the sky like a fish to water. They remind me of giant whales that, against all odds, leap out of the water. Strong and free.