The sun peeked through the blinds and slowly started creeping into the dilapidated bedroom, which didn’t much profit from the impulsive invasion. It crawled down the cracked wall, noticing with concern the peeling, yellowing wallpaper that hindered its decent. When it finally reached the floor, it nervously stretched and lit a rectangular square of rotting floorboards of a rather grayish disposition. After teasing the dust bunnies, it shone quite bravely on a disheveled bed that hastily attempted to cover itself with a threadbare quilt. Feeling more courageous, the sun attempted to illuminate a devious corner, but upon lighting on a black rat, bolted. After a few minutes, the sun, feeling rather ashamed after the wind had so snobbishly ruffled the rat’s fur, undertook another look into the room. Tumbling down the wall in its hurry, it noticed the closet was open, and ignoring the dust gatherings, it fearlessly took uncertain strides to the closet opening, falling over a number of odds and ends including oddly shaped mold spores, a rusty, red thumb tack, a snow shovel and, surprisingly, a rather small sting ray. (What he was doing there, we will never know.) When the sun arrived at that ominous, shadowy closet opening, its courage nearly failed. Fortunately, with the sound of the wind rustling the dry leaves behind it, the sun was spurred on. It cautiously scanned the floor of the vault, and finding only a few spiders (at which it cringed) it gazed upwards to find nothing but a stained wall and a wooden shelf. It breathed a sigh of relief, and feeling confident, it caused all sorts of shadows to materialize and then hide, only startling itself once when it lit upon a crumbling piece of paper falling from the shelf. At this point, the sun was feeling rather heroic, as if by shedding light in the closet it had-not only accomplished a great task-but also completed a quest, won a treasure, conquered a monster and won the hand of the king’s daughter. It backed away from the closet to investigate the nightstand, lamp, and chest of drawers but only discovered old bits of candy wrappers, dust and a few more spiders (at which it again, cringed). By this time, the sun was feeling even more audacious, as if it had done all the things listed above as well as defeated a dragon, sailed all the seas, explored volcanoes, saved kingdoms and basically ruled the world. It thought it was about time to probe the rest of the house-or at least the hallway. It unabashedly slid under the bedroom door, grew terribly alarmed, panicked, fled, and was never seen in that house again.