So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Ad astra per aspera

The Sun Finds his Courage

The sun peeked through the blinds and slowly started creeping into the dilapidated bedroom, which didn’t much profit from the impulsive invasion. It crawled down the cracked wall, noticing with concern the peeling, yellowing wallpaper that hindered its decent. When finally reaching the floor, it nervously stretched and lit a rectangular square of rotting floorboards of a rather grayish disposition.

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Let The Ship Sink

When the army doesn’t come for you, when no one chooses to fight for you, when no one dives in after you with fairy tales and promises, you write a different story. You write a tale of adventure and chaos, of survival and fortitude, and instead of wishing to be saved, you save yourself.

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Beyond The rim of the star-light My love Is wand’ring in star-flight

San Diego

Hello world.


Inner Light

Seize the time. Live now. Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.


Solving the Bloch Equation for MRI

Partly as a study tool and partly because a full solution is quite hard to find, I'm including a detailed solution to the Bloch equation for magnetic resonance imaging on my otherwise math-free blog.

Painting to Pogo

Allow me to share with you my latest musical obsession: Pogo.

Sky Heart

I am meant to fly.

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